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We design custom financial blueprints that change the way people view their retirement assets. Our designs illustrate the impact of market volatility, retirement tax exposure and how detailed planning can optimize their golden-years. We often compare constructing a dream retirement to the construction of a dream home. No one would try to build a dream home without blueprints. Construction starts with vision. We help people envision their retirement, then we transfer that vision into a set of build-plans. When they love the final design, its time for our member Advisors to get busy building it!     


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We have already distributed thousands of blueprints that are changing the way people view their retirement assets. Our designs illustrate the potential impact of worst-case scenarios in both the financial markets and for retirement taxation. People are rarely exposed to worst-case scenarios, yet fear the conditions that would cause what our scenarios illuminate. We are known for comparing retirement planning to the construction or renovations of a dream home..."you wouldn't try to build a dream home without blueprints." All successful construction projects start with a clear vision of the wanted outcome AND the worst-case scenarios that may occur during construction. We help people better understand the potential risks that could threaten the pursuit of their retirement dreams so they can best prepare.  We leave the financial safeguards to our worst-case scenarios to our national network of financial more than 400 strong!  

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With few exceptions, the insurance industry, especially Life & Annuity providers, do a poor job promoting the benefits of their products. Instead, they rely on financial professionals to distribute their relatively unknown and even unpopular products to the consumer. A simple Google Search, "should I buy whole life insurance", will yield millions of results advising against the product; annuity searches are not any better.  So, it's up to the financial professionals to attract prospects, design impactful strategies, promote beneficial products with horrible internet reputations, and then, after jumping through all those hurdles, they still have to introduce the provider whose brand is often unknown.   

Retirement Architecture uses a different approach when introducing people to financial products.  Using the home construction metaphor, a process most people understand, we shift the conversation from "products" to "process". We help people focus on pursuing retirement dreams and how to build a path to fulfilling those dreams.  

Strike Three comes on the heels of a four-year, multi-million dollar investment in our technology and hundreds of client tested blueprints. We now need 1,000 financial professionals to join our network if we are to properly serve the demand we have created. Consider leveraging our investments and let our unique business model propel you to the top producer title in your market.       

The Frustration of Individualism

What comes with Blueprint Sponsorships:

Exclusive Prospect assignments from our top-performing national TV commercial

          Prospects are generally between age 55 and 70 years (mostly baby boomers)

          Prospects are seeking tax efficiency and market-risk protection

          Prospects are delivered via our proprietary dashboard, caseIV

          Guaranteed 33% Prospect Contact Ratio

Six Month Subscription to our new Magazine, "Deserve"  

Extensive ongoing training

Live expert-presentation support available

Advanced Local Closing Support for large premium cases (>$50,000 FYP)

License to use Retirement Architecture branding (business cards, etc.)

Exclusive FRESH Leads from top-performing marketing campaigns

          Leads are typically between 55 and 70
          years of age (mostly baby boomers)

          Leads are seeking tax efficiency and 
          market protection

          Leads delivered in Real-Time via our 
          proprietary dashboard

90-day FREE access to TLC ("Total Lead Control"), our proprietary CRM

Appointments set by our owned-operated call center 

Complete Blueprint Case Design

Extensive ongoing Blueprint training, live presentation support

Advanced Closing Support for large premium cases (>$50,000 FYP)

 Our national two-minute TV commercial as seen on 
The Discovery Channel, Fox News and Fox Business 

More than 150 million households, with viewers 50-75 years of age
are seeing our Strike Three TV Commercial multiple times!

We have a proven history of attracting highly engaged clientele through our multi-media marketing efforts. COVID-19 was the catalyst for the third “economic-balloon burst” in the last twenty-years (hence the name, Strike Three). During the initial weeks of this coronavirus, baby boomers witnessed a huge portion of their retirement savings vanish in a matter of days!  What would have happened if the U.S. Government didn't quickly pump trillions of dollars into the economy? What if the markets were allowed to collapse? What if the "V" shaped recovery didn't happen? These "what if's" were the inspiration behind the creation of our hit two-minute national television commercial. Strike Three launched in late May and has already resulted in more than  20,000 blueprint requests!  

"Strike Three"

The Opportunity

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We need an additional 1,000  financial professionals to support this huge demand. If you have produced more than $50,000 in Life Ins. and Annuity FYC in 2019 and are "in good standing", we are interested in meeting you! Please Sign up for our introduction webinar to learn more about who we are and what we do. We look forward to seeing you there!

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               4/9/20: Patcharles interviews Brett regarding the new two-minute TV commercial that will be featured on CNBC, Fox News and Fox Business. Retirememt Architecture expects more than 20,000 new inquires from this aggressive post-COVID-19   

More national networks coming soon!